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WHole House Comfort

Energy Saving Services $$$

Whole House Comfort Check-Ups are what our comfort specialists' love to perform. The biggest reason for this is because we can GUARANTEE the homeowners that we will find the sources for their homes energy loss. Our specialists are trained by Comfort Institute and they are continually re-educated as the technology is always changing.

Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment designed by the DOE, our specialists are able to use advanced diagnostic instruments and testing procedures which eliminate the "guess-work" technique that many contractors employ. Using our Infiltrometer, Blower Door, and Infra-red Thermo-Cam, we are able to pin down exactly where your home is losing energy and where you are losing utility money.

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Several areas where ENERGY LOSS is often found:

DUCTWORK is the number one place homes lose energy. Experts say that 1" of duct leakage in the unconditioned area has the safe effect as a 30" hole in the side of your home!

FURNACES & AIR CONDITIONERS can be another cause for energy loss. Even the most energy efficient equipment made can lose energy efficiency if it is not properly maintained.

The THERMAL ENVELOPE is made up by your walls, ceilings and floors. There can be many opportunities for conditioned air to escape from your home and unconditioned air to enter into your home. Some culprit examples would be recessed lighting, attic accesses, crawlspaces that aren't sealed, open cavities were used by electricians or plumbers that were not properly sealed once work was completed.

In order to save money and be as comfortable as you desire in your home, a WHOLE HOUSE COMFORT CHECK-UP using our blower door will pinpoint infiltration problem areas for remediation and get you on your way to a greener future.

Schedule your WHOLE HOUSE COMFORT CHECK-UP today and mention this page to receive the best offer.

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